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There's no payday being the best kept secret. Create a BIGGER POP for your organization and get some attention. Bigger Perspectives lead to Bigger Opportunities and create Bigger Payoffs.>>


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Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. Grab on to our helicopter and get a better view.>>


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Everything doesn't have to be limited or stalled. Make opportunities happen.>>


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Investments have returns, expenses get cut. Get the return you earn.>>

Magnitude is your solution for bigger sales and marketing

Project Partnerships

So you've got an idea for a project, huh?

That’s great! We’ve got the resources to help concept and execute on that idea. Whether you know you need a new website, or have an idea for a video that will help you sell, together we can fully develop the concept, create the design and execute the project through completion. Want to talk about ways to promote your new project or campaign? We can help you there too!

Fully develop the idea.

Whether it's developing the architecture for a website, or writing the script for an animation, the concept phase of the project partnership sets the framework for the entire project. Together we'll agree on the goal, the timeline, and the investment.

Art with a business goal.

Impressions are made in seconds, so don't you want yours to be amazing?  

The design phase will set the style for the entire piece. Whether based on existing brand guidelines, or created on a new set of rules, the design sets the mood and message for the project. Your team will focus on delivering design that emotionally speaks to your audience and creates the action you want.

Periscope down.

Imagine the development phase like a submarine mission. You spend some time on the surface figuring things out and then it's time to go deep in the development. Don't worry, you'll always know what's going on and be kept up to date and also have to make a few decisions along the way. 

Soon, the submarine will surface again with a whole new set of functionality. Welcome back commander, we missed you.

It's launch time!

The much anticipated day has arrived, your project is done and ready to go live. Your invoices are paid, everyone is happy and you now have time to reflect on how smooth the project actually went. Didn't see that coming, did you? Pleasant surprises make everything better. Thanks for the memories, let's talk about what else is driving you crazy and we'll tackle that next.
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Hiring a marketing company is like playing the claw game, you put a lot of money in but the prize slips out before you get it. Contact us to see how to win.

Project Partnerships

  • Do you have a project in mind and want to improve on it?
  • Do you have a single goal or campaign that needs an idea?
  • Do you want to see best practices at work and avoid the painful cost of trial and error?

Magnitude offers project partnerships where we take your ideas and turn them into executable concepts. You can also review established solutions that could be repositioned and reapplied to your problem. If you want best practices, let our experience and focus guide you and your project to the best possible outcome.

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