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Integrated Partnerships

Creating your No Think StrategyTM

Your strategy and message shouldn't cause confusion. It needs to be so simple to your audience that even a three year old can understand it. And, like talking to a three year old, you have to follow certain principles to get your message communicated clearly.  

Creating a message that is muddy and requires your audience to think about what you mean and what you want them to do is a fast track to no action. The No Think Strategy is about developing a message that doesn't require a lot of thinking, your customers will get it immediately and they'll want to immediately act. It's about following the principles of communicating with a three year old to get to your point quickly and create a desired outcome.

What can you promise your audience?

What is it that your company does well?  What is it that you are trying to market or sell?  Can you describe it?  How does Bob in accounting describe it?  Do you two echo the same message? 

Developing a message that is succinct and aligned within the organization is critical when communicating in a crowded, me too, market.  Determining your brand's “promises” will act as a sales and marketing platform to create alignment throughout all corners of your organization. 

Everything starts with a plan.

Once we know the right message, we can develop a plan on how to execute and deliver that new message. Whether it's a 3-month, 12-month or 24-month plan, laying out the timetable for when campaigns will be designed and promoted is necessary to make sure the message is being conveyed to the right audience at the right time.

We’ll develop concepts to be launched throughout the designated timeframe, accompanied by strategic rationale and metrics for success.  Having a plan gets you to where you want to go and makes everything less chaotic.  

Concepting the campaigns.

And now, the fun part!  Concepts can be fun or serious, clever or straight to the point. Each campaign outlined in the strategic plan will be concepted, designed and then fully produced before beginning promotion. 

We’ll work together to determine the right style for the concept to fit within your brand guidelines and align with the new message we’ve developed together.

And now, the final product.

And now, the promotion stage. The concept has been developed, the campaign is in place, it's time to release the idea to the target audience, whether that target be your internal office, a select group of customers or the general public.

Metrics are key to determining the success of the campaign.  Analyzing the good and the bad of a campaign makes the next campaign even better!
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Hiring a marketing company is like playing the claw game, you put a lot of money in but the prize slips out before you get it. Contact us to see how to win.

Integrated Partnerships

  • Does your marketing efforts drive sales and work flawlessly together?
  • Do you want new ideas and an influx of concepts that can change your game?
  • Is your message uniform, consistent, and understood?

Magnitude offers a limited number of integrated marketing partnerships where we act as your outsourced sales and marketing partner, acting as your extended team. You are exposed to new ideas that can reposition you as the leader, the innovator, and get you or keep you as the 800 lb. gorilla in your industry.

Integrated marketing partnerships begin with message development where we address your sales and marketing message and provide a phase-implemented plan for your sales and marketing. This includes message options, brand promises, selling tools, marketing campaigns, and other ways to redefine your sales and marketing efforts. Integrated partnerships, where we integrate more fully with your organization, are provided with leading-edge concepts and platforms to drive your business.  

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