Bigger and Bolder

There's no payday being the best kept secret. Create a BIGGER POP for your organization and get some attention. Bigger Perspectives lead to Bigger Opportunities and create Bigger Payoffs.>>


Eyes Wide Open

Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. Grab on to our helicopter and get a better view.>>


Expand and Grow

Everything doesn't have to be limited or stalled. Make opportunities happen.>>


Exceed Expectations

Investments have returns, expenses get cut. Get the return you earn.>>

Magnitude is your solution for bigger sales and marketing

Bigger POPTM : What's It All About?

Bigger POP

If you asked everyone in your organization to name three things your organization did better than anyone else, would the answers all sound similar? If you asked your clients the same question, would they echo your thoughts? What about your prospects? Are you the best kept secret?

Every industry, every marketplace is crowded. You must have a unique, defined value proposition that is easy for everyone, inside and out, to understand and repeat. You must have visuals that convey your brand’s promises that are easy to understand and easy to share.

If your five-year-old daughter doesn’t understand, neither will your prospects. And, like you were explaining to a five-year-old, you continue to be consistent and simplified or it all unravels. 

Bigger POP is about being different, a distinguishable message, standing out in the ‘me too’ world. You have to have a value proposition that will POP.

Bigger Perspectives

What if you could see beyond what's in front of you?

Bigger Perspectives
Are you embracing the future or reliving the past? What if your current view of your marketing and sales was different? What if you had a steady stream of ideas that could ripple through your organization and industry?

Successful people know that partnerships and collaboration lead to success. Your organization has to have new ideas to survive. Your marketplace is crowded and to stand out you have to have a unique message. You have to be constantly generating new ideas and reinventing yourself.  Could your organization benefit from new perspectives - of themselves, of your industry, of your company?

Bigger Opportunities

What if you could break out of the status quo? 

Bigger Opportunities

What if you could find success in places you never looked? What if you could discover bigger opportunities for your organization? What if you could push forward some initatives that have stalled?

What is normal today was unheard of a decade ago. The world is growing up at a faster than ever rate. The challenges are unlike ever before. And, the opportunities are bigger too. Maybe you have some bigger opportunities that need a push? Maybe you need to discover the bigger opportunities?

Bigger Payoffs.

What if your investment really did payoff?

Bigger Payoffs

What if you could create improvement in your marketing, sales, and your culture? What if change didn’t disrupt, but instead inspired? What if you could achieve results without creating more work? 

We all tend to do what is easiest first. People work harder to avoid discomfort than they do to find pleasure. To see the payoffs in all areas of your organization, you have to understand people’s fears to get them to take action. Do you know the fears that drive your stakeholders?

Bigger Marketing
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