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There's no payday being the best kept secret. Create a BIGGER POP for your organization and get some attention. Bigger Perspectives lead to Bigger Opportunities and create Bigger Payoffs.>>


Eyes Wide Open

Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. Grab on to our helicopter and get a better view.>>


Expand and Grow

Everything doesn't have to be limited or stalled. Make opportunities happen.>>


Exceed Expectations

Investments have returns, expenses get cut. Get the return you earn.>>

Magnitude is your solution for bigger sales and marketing

Consulting Partnerships

Don't know where to start?

You might be at that point where you have some uncertainty and really don't know exactly where you want to start.  We offer consulting arrangements that could be the right fit for you. Know this, we only enter into consulting arrangements where we both feel like there would be opportunities to convert the relationship to a project or integrated partnership. Consulting is like dating, let's see if we like each other but you should know at the start that we want to have a bigger relationship someday. 

Determining a plan for a complex project.

Before we jump into a complex project, sometimes it's better to step back and get an understanding of all the possibilities and nail down the loose ends. With a rough understanding of the budget, we'll assign 20% to the planning phase and begin to concept and architect your project. We'll establish a plan, agree to the details and then convert to a project partnership to move forward with execution.

Magnitude University.

Maybe you need a little education?  Good for you, learning is a cornerstone of leadership.  Here are some options to get you thinking.

No Think Selling: Tips and tactics to get your message to your customer fast and easy.  This is not sales training, this is a discussion of how you can shift your sales perspective.   

Behind the Brand: One of the easiest ways to leverage media is to get your stakeholders talking.  We offer short sessions that help your staff understand that they are your brand and they can help in today's world.  

Emerging Trends: There's a lot of new things out there, maybe you need a custom session on a topic of interest?

Making the complex simple.

Technology is intimidating. Luckily, your team awaits. If you have a technology pain and need some advice, we can help. We include technology solutions in our other partnership agreements.  However, maybe that's your only problem, we could just consult with your team and get a solution that makes sense.   

Onsite integration or migration.

Have some content that you need on your website? Having trouble activing your social networks? Standing by is your instant relief.  How would it sound to have someone come to your office and help? We have opportunities for our integration specialists to be onsite at your location to help with launch activities, content migration or simply deal with the day-to-day marketing decisions that inundate your inbox.  

Get Started Now

Hiring a marketing company is like playing the claw game, you put a lot of money in but the prize slips out before you get it. Contact us to see how to win.

Consulting Partnerships

  • Do you have a project and you don't know the entire scope of work or all the possibilities?
  • Do you want some more information about emerging trends?
  • Do you know you need to make some changes and don't know exactly where to start?

Consulting arrangements might be the answer to your problem.  If you have an undefined pain or problem and are looking for a solution, we can plug in to help you work through the problem and find the best solution.

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