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There's no payday being the best kept secret. Create a BIGGER POP for your organization and get some attention. Bigger Perspectives lead to Bigger Opportunities and create Bigger Payoffs.>>


Eyes Wide Open

Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. Grab on to our helicopter and get a better view.>>


Expand and Grow

Everything doesn't have to be limited or stalled. Make opportunities happen.>>


Exceed Expectations

Investments have returns, expenses get cut. Get the return you earn.>>

Magnitude is your solution for bigger sales and marketing
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Hiring a marketing company is like playing the claw game, you put a lot of money in but the prize slips out before you get it. Contact us to see how to win.

Background Check

Magnitude is about you.  But, for most people, you also need to know a little about need to check our background.  Here it is.

Bigger marketing isn’t just a slogan; it’s a business philosophy. Technology has changed the way we communicate and now your world is filled with additional clutter to wade through each day, in your inbox, on your drive home, in your mailbox, on your phone, your tablet, your computer – everywhere you are. To stand out you have to stop being a “me too” company and differentiate in a distinct and aggressive way. You must be Bigger and act Bolder or you risk being lost.

If you want help with your message, your look, your approach, or your ideas, you can find it here. Your next project, campaign or your next business goal can all see Bigger POP with Magnitude. Magnitude is about size. Magnitude is about scale. Magnitude is about significance. Magnitude is about you.

Do you want a partner that can help? Let’s talk and see if we like each other.  References available on request.

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